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Igbo Businessman Strips N.aked At Debtor’s House To Demand He Pays Him His Money.


Talk about unbelievable, an Igbo businessman in Abuja removed all his clothes in public and went stark n.aked to a debtor’s house because of a debt.

The businessman, whose name was not revealed must have gotten tired of excuses and delays and resorted to this method to get his money back. He stripped totally n.aked, went to the rich man’s house in broad daylight and began to curse him.

The man went to the rich man’s house and rained curse upon curse on him and gave him an ultimatum to pay him back his money or face the consequences. He also claimed that the debtor had threatened to lock him up if he continued to demand for his money.

The incident took place at No. 71 Ali Atiku Crescent, Abuja, the house of the alleged debtor. The pictures was shared online by Banke Adetoro.

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