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Please advice Me : Am I wicked ? i planned On 4ucking My best friends husband Tomorrow !!!


besttyAdmin as I send you this story am so so angry and might do something that will hurt my best friend for the rest of her life .

See me see trouble o, my best friends husband started asking me out , but I refused , when it was getting too much that he almost raped me in his car the day my friend insisted he took me home , I had no choice than to tell my friend after she asked me why I stopped coming to her house .

Instead this foolish girl accused me of throwing my self at her husband poured me water and pushed me out of her house . She still sent me a text message insulting me and calling me a slut .

I wept like a baby that day . I was surprised when her husband still called me and was still begging me to date him , that he loves me . Out of anger i agreed , we had s.ex chat where I sent him my n.ude pic and he sent me his dick .

We booked a date in a hotel tomorrow to 4ck our brains out without a Condom and I plan getting pregnant for him .

Am I wicked ? Do you all think am blowing this out of proportion ? .

I need advise before I mess up .
My girl friend f.ucked me up and Every 4ck up must be treated .

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