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Why I love and support MMM and other money markets in Nigeria


askIt is obvious that many Nigerians and .com readers are getting aware of this current pyramid scheme that is trending and called MMM Nigeria, which promises 30% return on investment (ROI) after 30 days.

However, Murphy Young, one of the .com readers, argues with those who are criticising this controversial money doubling scheme called MMM.

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Very soon, and soonest, I mean the time has come already when all politicians, political parties and their selfish government shall be a daunting in this country.


Why am I saying this? Yes, there have been a lot of challenges we, the youths, over gone in the past years and till date.

This era of change we wanted and chanted like birds came into existence; little did we know that our president will use his formation against our lives, thereby making us scatter like kernels from the nutshell being heated with stones.

We suffer a lot from hunger and go wanting and hunting in search of pastures, shelter and other materials.

But today God said it is finished and all those sufferings have gone away, With the power of God we have overcome and with the knowledge of #MMM we’ve conquer Buhari and his team.

#MMM and other money markets have come to stay in Nigeria and we won’t cease progressing rapidly with much cash.

We’re now billionaires anticipate. I mind and manage my own self in business.


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